Sol 28 when I join a soccer team

So wen me and my dad,mom and little sister were at the park I loved soccer so me and my sister we were playing soccer and then I saw some kids that were in a team and I was kinda jelly and I was waching them play and that team won I said in my head I wish I was in a soccer team my dad was gone and I told my mom that were is my dad she over there she pointed and I saw my dad talking to the coach that the team won and my dad said come so I ran and he said do you want to join them I said yes yes and then he said say hi to your team and I said hi team and I told my coach what is your name and he said my name I said me and you are  Twins and we practice all day and i was so happy that’s I joking a soccer and I hope you like my blog bye 👋

Sol 25 when my mom bought a home ipad for me

One day When I was in my house playing with my phone my mom came up to me want to go to a store  i said what store and she said t-mobile I said ok because I like  looking at the new phones so we went to t-mobile and I saw she bought something  and she said let’s go back in the car and she crab the thing that she bought and it was a iPad i said lucky so she said this is not for me is for you I said your joking and she said no I’m not joking so I grab the iPad and play some games and whach YouTube and that’s all for today hope you injoy my blog bye 👋

Sol 22 what I want to be when I grow up

I told my mom that I what be a cop and a soger and she why do you want to be a soger I said because I want to serve my country and she said I’m so proud of you and I said why she said because all your brother and sisters never told me that I said and the other reason why is because I want to  protect the people that I love and that’s today’s blog hope you enjoy my blog 👋.

Sol 21 When I pick a name for my dog

A few day later when it was my  Christmas I got dog and my sister said we are going to name hem next week and he we are next week and so we went somewhere but I forgot what was it called and we were ther and the lady was thinking about 3 names I could name my dog then she told me the names niko,toby or zemba I said zemba because the  Lion king was my  favorite  Movie and zemba was the best character so I named my dog zemba.

Sol 14 when I got my first phone

When I was going to church my mom said we are going to bye something I said what she said you’ll see and we were at  t-Mobile I said to my mom lucky your going to bye your self a new phone and she said yup we went inside she but the phone and we went back in the car and she said are you ready for your surprise cause like 10 minutes ago she said she is going to give me a surprise and she told me to close my eyes I did she said open I open my eyes and it’s the phone that she just bought I was crying of  happiness and I give here a big hug.